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How fast is Uplogic

It takes from 1ms to 15ms a search query to be processed by Uplogic. Only your customers blink faster.

How Uplogic works

Once you have introduced your products to Uplogic, it starts to “blow magic” out of search box. Basically, Uplogic commence to work by itself right after the first indexation is complete and presents an instant search widget and improved search results page for your Shopify store.

What makes Uplogic different

Super-fast search is crucial to keep your customers and assist conversion. Uplogic provides high indexation speed and great amount of simultaneously processed queries.

When it comes to user experience or performance, we pick both. Users get what they are looking for in the fastest period possible.

Users enjoy out of box experience within the box. Uplogic provides an accurate search result even out of three letters a user types. When you are out of stock for a specific product or you want boost one you can exclude or include exact product/category over other products appearing in the dropdown live search box which appears in front of user.

Agnosticism is our tech-vision. Uplogic fits to any size and shape and provides results in any language, alphabet-base or symbol-based.

Is there a size limit for my index/records?

Each subscription package has its own limits. However, we have a good news: just for now it is unlimited.
Nevertheless, you always get a chance to upgrade or downgrade your subscription. Just a few clicks and you are good to go.

How to purchase Uplogic

Go to Shopify page → type Uplogic → Click on get button (and allow requested permissions) → Choose your plan and enjoy smart search experience.

Can I run Uplogic on my own servers?

We only provide a SaaS offerings. Uplogic is a cloud based service, which perfectly works between Shopify ← → Uplogic Cloud Servers.